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One of the most important aspects in the process of breast enlargement surgery is good communication with your plastic surgeon. It is not only important to determine the size of breast that you would like to be, but also the shape of your breasts from very natural to round.

Breast Augmentation, breast implants at affordable cost with our board certified and experienced plastic surgeons to enhance or enlargement of the breast size.

Would you like to improve your self-image with an enhanced breast size? Do you think that your current breast cup size could be larger? Does your small breast size make you feel and appear less confident and less attractive?

Breast Augmentation at Timo Clinic, is the optimum breast enhancement solution in this regard, and therefore, is the most popular choice.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant surgery is one of the most popular, female cosmetic procedure. Clients are looking to experience the following benefits of breast augmentation surgery:

    • Enhance breast size through implants
    • Correct any unevenness that exists in terms of breast size
    • Able to look better in clothes, including brassieres and swimwear
    • Restore pre-childbirth, breast volume that is lost during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and/or fluctuations in body weight
    • Take advantage of the implementation of the very latest in breast implant technology. It allows for a more natural look and feel for the client
    • Enjoy greater degrees of self-confidence and vitality based on their new looks

Key considerations in breast augmentation are the implant selection process.

Important Characteristics of Breast Implants

    • About Breast Augmentation procedure size, shape and material
    • Size of breast implant from 100 cc to 800 cc
    • ​Shape of implant, including round, contoured, and tear drop
    • Profile of implant, including low, moderate, high, and moderate plus
    • Fill material of the breast implant, including saline water and memory gel

The selection of a particular shape of implant is based on the look that the client is seeking to achieve. Feedback from patient tends to indicate that gel breast implants offer the most realistic feel. Silicone implants are filled prior to surgery, therefore require a slightly larger incision for insertion than saline. Smooth and textured shells of saline implants provide a beautiful shape to the breast.

Y decision on the shape and size of the breast implant influences both the treatment options that are recommended as well as the final results. Surgeons use insertion either behind the breast tissue, or under the chest muscles for breast implants.

Method of Breast Implant Insertion and Positioning

These are the following positions in order to minimize the appearance of any resulting scar tissue

    • In the underarm region
    • Surrounding the areola
    • Underneath the breast mass
    • Through the naval

The method of breast implant insertion and positioning depends upon client preferences and surgical recommendations. The breast enhancement surgery takes approx 2 hours to complete. It facilitates rapid recovery that generally results in minimal bleeding and scarring. A patient can return to daily life in approximately 4 days.

How Much Breast Augmentation Cost?

The total cost of Breast augmentation cost depends on the types of breast implants. This breast enlargement or boob job cost includes physician cost, surgery room cost, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, labs, surgical garment and 1 year of follow up.

If you are interested in getting a Breast Augmentation, we urge you to be in touch with us and get your consultation with one of our medical consultant. We want you to feel confident and well educated when you make your decision, and we are ready to answer any and all questions you may have about the process.

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