Smile Makeover

Hollywood smile: It is a customized smile makeover consisting of whitening and crowns processes. As the result of treatment the existing teeth structure of the person with veneers and eliminating the disharmony between gums and teeth through gum aesthetics therapies, a healthy and white smile is provided.

Digital smile design is a total smile makeover and involves veneers on all teeth or visible teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Having a beautiful and natural smile mainly affects self-confidence. After a series of procedures, aesthetic dentistry can erase your old smile and make the dazzling smile of celebrities possible for you.

What is Gummy Smile?

Gummy smile is the diagnosis for cases when more than 3 mm of gums appear during smiling. It is also called as Gum Smile. The smile consists of a white part (teeth) and a pink part (gums). A smile in which the white part looks larger than the pink part is aesthetically looks with favor on. Reversing this rate can create aesthetic discomfort and disharmony during the smiling.

Gummy smile is more common in women and can be seen in 10% of women between the ages of 20 and 30.

The aesthetic procedure applied to patients diagnosed with gummy smile is called pink aesthetics or smile makeover. The aim is to correct the disturbing picture that occurs when the gums, known as gummy smiles, appear too much.

It adds harmony and balance to your smile.

What are the Causes of Gummy Smile?

Gummy smile has several causes, and multiple causes can be found at the root of the problem. The diagnosis of gummy smile can be made by the patient in front of the mirror by using a simple method, but the causes should be determined by the dentist.

Followings are some reasons for gummy smiles:

Excessive Growth of Gums (Fake Gummy Smile)

Medications, oral breathing habits, gingivitis, poor oral hygiene in patients who have orthodontic apparatus or genetic overgrowth of the gums (gum hyperplasia) are the main causes of gum growth.

Hyperactivity of Upper Lip

The amount of appearance of the gums in the gummy smile also depends on the muscle activity of the lip muscles. In this case, the muscles that are responsible to lift and close the lips have wider movements than usual. As a result, the hyperactivity of the upper lip muscle causes the gums to become more exposed when talking and smiling.

Excessive Vertical Bone Growth In Maxillary (Upper Jaw) Bone

This is the most common cause of gummy smile. In these individuals, the height of jawbone is higher than normal. Precise procedures such as surgical correction and tomography to analyze the amount of bone under the gums are needed.

Short Upper Lip

Shorter, thinner or retracted upper lip is the second most common cause of a gummy smile. In these people, the lower and upper lip does not close completely during the resting and relaxation position.

What Are the Materials Required for Smile Makeover?

 Materials required for a smile makeover are; full ceramic crowns, laminates, zirconium crowns and implants according to the need. The process is realized mostly by using laminates, full ceramic crowns and zirconium crowns.

How long will these processes take?

The application stages planned for smile makeover can be completed in 3-4 consecutive sessions, in an average of 4-5 days. The intensity of the interventions required for the smile makeover and the availability of patient determines the number of appointments needed. For example, if the patient has missing teeth and needs implant treatment, the smile makeover process can be extended up to 3 months.

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