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The recommended age for Hair Transplant is approximately 25+ while the hair grafting mainly depends on the severity of hair loss faced by the patient.
Hair transplant recovery which is also referred to as the post-surgery duration is the time in which the hair grows on the back of the head to its real length. The recovery time for a hair transplant in Turkey and all over the world takes time after which the hair grows at the back and a new hairline grows.

It may take a full year for the patient to recover. 70% of the hair is restored in the first six months and then 100% restoration is done within the year of the hair transplant. During this time, it is advised to take care of yourself and not indulge yourself in any vigorous work or sunlight to avoid inflammation and the risk of infections. However, within a year, you can see visible results in form of a new hairline, new visible growth, and thickening of your hair.

For hair transplant recovery, patients should follow the precautionary measures set by the doctor of the hair transplant.
This is one of the most commonly asked questions at the hair transplant Timo Clinic Turkey about whether a transplant hurts or not. Every person has a different pain tolerance and they feel pain at different scales.

As with any surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient during the surgery. Due to this, any pain of this procedure is reduced, and the patient feels no pain. However, as patients are awake during the process, they might feel little to mild discomfort during the hair transplant in Timo Clinic Turkey, but that is tolerable. A bit of pulling force at the scalp and other sensations but due to anesthesia, it is not painful.

Even after the surgery, patients only feel a bit of swelling and discomfort which can be eradicated due to taking painkillers. But as the recovery time is fast, all these symptoms ease within a few days of the hair transplant in Dubai and all over the world.
Hair transplant in Timo Clinic Turkey is a clean and precise procedure with a mild or no risk involved, both during the surgery and after the surgery. Timo Clinic in Turkey guarantees the best results and efficient hair transplant surgery, courtesy of the highly trained and experienced staff.

However, post hair transplant procedure has paramount importance as patients have to take care not to bother their already sensitive scalp. For the first week, vigorous exercise and a long duration of time in the sunlight should not be practiced. After a week or so, the symptoms are eradicated, and in extreme cases where patients do face an infection; it can be easily treated with antibiotics and can be cured within days without any long-lasting damage to either the hair or the body.
Our Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic have high success rate. After the hair transplant treatment, patients can see the results for themselves in the first six months of post-surgery. On average, all hair transplant cases have a success percentage that lies between 90%-95% for all the patients and with vigilant post-surgery care in the recovery period of the hair transplant, the patients can see the results yielded themselves. This is a claim undisputed of our hair transplant Dubai Clinic and the patient’s vouch for their success story themselves.
Our Hair Transplant in Timo Clinic requires minimal involvement but for the ease of the patients, anesthesia is administered is given and needs sedation. Hence, anesthesia is given to the patient for making the surgery comfortable as possible.

During Hair Transplant in Timo Clinic, local anesthesia and sedatives are given to make a comfortable and pain-free experience for both the patient and the surgeon. The patient stays awake during the surgery and does not feel pain while the surgeon by tugging and pulling works away at the scalp. There are rarely ever any risks involved with using anesthesia, your experience here with Timo Clinic Turkey will be comfortable and pain-free.
If you are suffering from pattern baldness or thinning of hair which increasing day by day and going bald seems imminent, then this transplant treatment is for you. As the best hair transplant Timo Clinic in Turkey, we offer you the best quality professional work and ensure that your hair problems will go away.

You need to get a hair transplant if you:

- If you suffer from pattern hair loss.
- If your hair is starting to thin.
- If your hairline is starting to recede.
- If all the methods have failed to give you the desired results
- If your hair loss is not stopping.

For more detailed information, please contact us at Timo Clinic and choose the method that is deemed best for you.
You will dye your hair six months after a hair transplant surgery. The explanation for this is that the additives in hair dyes may have a detrimental effect on the transplanted grafts.
The cost of a hair transplant is individual to each patient. The factors that influence the total price of your treatment are the number of grafts that are transplanted and the method chosen. With us, each patient receives a detailed consultation and a cost estimate without obligation, in advance.
In your initial consultation, you will be given ample time to discuss any previous medical or surgical conditions you have. Our medical team will be able to advise you on whether you can have a hair transplant depending on your previous history. As every condition is different, it is important to ask all the questions you have around surgery with your medical consultant. That way you can have all your concerns answered.
Donor hair is the hair at the back and the sides of your head that are resistant to your body's balding process (DHT). This means that this hair is the best quality hair to transplant during surgery. Our hair transplant surgeons at Timo Clinic Turkey only use the hair located here in your surgery. They do not take hairs outside the "donor zone"- i.e. hair that is not resistant to DHT. As a result you can be assured that your hair transplant will be of a high quality and last you a long time.
Hairs can't be transplanted from one person onto someone else. This is because the new scalp will reject the new hair like a normal organ transplant unless you take extra medication for the rest of your life. These medications have a lot of side effects that increase the risk to your health compared with the benefits of having a hair transplant. Therefore, we do not perform such hair transplants.

In some patients who do not have enough donor hair on their scalp, we can use donor hair from other parts of the body. For more information please contact us to book your consultation.
After hair transplant surgery you will see your newly implanted grafts immediately post-surgery. Some of these grafts may grow immediately. However, some may shed a few weeks after treatment- this can last up to 3 months and this is completely normal. The hair root remains under the skin despite the hair being shed. The root will start to grow new hair in the next 4-12 months and these hairs will be healthy and permanent.

Full results will be seen at 8-12 months with thickening of the hair seen up until the 18th month post hair transplantation. Our hair transplant consultants follow up every patient following their hair transplant procedure. They routinely follow up every patient at 12 months post surgery.
Our Surgeons advise avoiding alcohol 7 days before and 1 day after surgery to ensure your transplant heals well. Alcohol can affect the blood supply to the follicles and can compromise your transplant if you drink any. It can also interfere with the medication that you are taking after the transplant. If you had any questions regarding alcohol and medications then please ask your medical consultant who will go through your concerns in detail.


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