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Do you often frequent gyms in order to lose unwanted fat and weight? Have you been attempting to lose weight and fat through the implementation of “fad diets?” Despite your efforts, does it seem that the targeted fat is simply not being eliminated from the body? If so, it may be highly beneficial to find alternatives to the nonresponsive efforts that have already been undertaken. It may be surprising to realize the tremendous benefit that liposuction has been for countless individuals in eliminating unwanted, yet non-shifting fat deposits. One great advantage of liposuction is the incredible ease with which fat may be removed via procedural suctioning. a very easy way of suctioning out unwanted fat from your body. Use of technically-varied liposuction (or lipoplasty) procedures is readily available. One such procedure, such as the tumescent liposuction technique, prescribes that fat be injected out of the area that needs to be treated, which is a relatively easy procedure.

Our superbly educated and highly experienced plastic surgeons use leading-edge liposuction techniques and technologies to deliver outstanding results for each of their patients. When treating liposuction patients, our doctors utilize several of the latest lipoplasty methods, including tumescent and power-assisted liposuction.

Liposuction by Timo Clinic, provides a potentially permanent solution to unwanted fat.

Any individual, who is deemed as being in good health, should be able to undergo liposuction procedures safely. Our experienced and skilled plastic surgeons, are ultimately responsible in assisting patients in achieving desired results as stipulated. Consequently, our surgical professionals will pursue all plausible options in order to ensure that clients are able to liposuction with safety and ease. The client prerequisite for good health may be confirmed via the completion of a preoperative medical check-up, which assists our surgeons in further benefitting the client through procedural lipo. Following liposuction, client recovery is observed, resulting in any initial symptoms and complications being treated and managed accordingly. Again, liposuction provides a potentially permanent solution to excess and/or unwanted fat, and our surgeons are strategically positioned, experienced, equipped and supported by our staff in order to realize optimal patient outcomes.

A common, often hereditary problem is the presence of relatively small, localized pockets of fat that stubbornly cling to certain areas of the body. These fatty deposits do not respond to diet and exercise, but can be effectively removed via liposuction. We offer lipo as a stand-alone procedure, or to be used in conjunction with other practices, such as abdominoplasty.

What is the Difference Between
Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is one of the latest plastic surgery trends. As its name suggests, liposculpture is a variation on liposuction. But unlike liposuction – which removes fat from specific areas of the body – liposculpture is not just about removing fat. It also reshapes the body by removing fat and then adding it to the “right places” to improve the body’s overall contour.

Before patients can have liposuction or liposculpture procedures, they must first be examined by a certified plastic surgeon. Candidates should be over the age of 18, in good health, and ideally within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight. They should also have fat deposits that have not gotten better through diet and exercise.

During a liposculpture procedure, fat deposits are removed by very thin metal tubes interested into the body though small incisions. A syringe or medical suction pump removes the fat by creating an area of negative pressure. Once the fat is removed, it can be transferred to another part of the body that needs to be plumped up, such as the breasts or buttocks. This is sometimes called fat transfer or lipo filling. The procedure is most often done on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia and perhaps a sedative to ensure the patient’s comfort.

The recovery time and process for liposculpture is very similar to that of liposuction. Patients will generally need about a week off from work, and most physical activity should be kept to a minimum for perhaps two weeks. Swelling and bruising is expected, and those can persist between four and 10 weeks, depending on the amount of sculpting that has been done and the surgeon’s technique.

In addition, patients will need to wear a postoperative compression garment for four to six weeks in order to help minimize swelling and pain, and also to help prevent the formation of seromas. A seroma is a collection lymph fluid within a body cavity, and it can form after liposuction leaves empty “tunnels” in the body where fat used to be. They are generally a nuisance but do not cause any real medical problems. A compression garment will squeeze empty cavities together so that they do not allow fluid to become trapped and seromas to form.

It’s important for patients to keep in mind that liposculpture is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, fat does not weigh very much, so even removing the maximum amount allowed may only result in the loss of a few pounds. However, patients will find that their bodies are more contoured and their proportions are improved. They will look better in their clothes, and they may even drop a few clothing sizes.

In general, liposculpting is more complicated than liposuction because the overall dimension and shape of the body must be considered and improved. It can be difficult to do well, so the surgeon should have an artistic eye in addition to excellent surgical technique. Taking out the maximum amount of fat does not usually create the most aesthetic results.

About Liposuction (Lipo) Procedure

Excellent option for coping with stubborn body fat at Timo Clinic


Liposuction is a surgical procedure for the removal of sections of stubborn fat. The tumescent liposuction technique prescribes that a relatively large amount of saline is injected into the fatty areas being treated. This infusion of saline causes tissue to become swollen and firm, which allows for more precise control of the fat removal process. Implementing the use of a cannula (a small tube-like instrument), connected to a vacuum machine, and insets it though tiny (1/4 inch) incisions in your skin. The cannula, a small tube-like instrument, is gently manipulated under the skin while the cannula suctions away unwanted fat. Tumescent liposuction allows our surgeons to precisely and efficiently remove excess layers of fat with minimal discomfort and enhanced results. As In addition, the procedure allows a patient to enjoy a more rapid faster recovery that is characterized by a reduction in resulting bruising.
Following related research that has been conducted by potential liposuction candidates, many such individuals are said to have found lipo to be an excellent option for coping with stubborn body fat. Some of the best results, which have been achieved by patients, are by those, who are of normal weight and have skin that is firmly elastic. After determining that a client is an appropriate surgical candidate, a surgeon reviews treatment options with the patient, including a discussion of desired areas for surgery and the related techniques to be implemented.


Liposuction is most often performed on an outpatient basis, so a patient is able to return home on the day of the procedure. After the surgery has been completed, the recovering patient is to wear a compression garment, which will hold everything “in place” and help to reduce swelling. The prescribed garment is to be worn for several weeks. During the first few days following surgery, the patient is expected to experience significant swelling, which should subside after a few days and be eliminated with one month. Often, patients are surprised to learn that they tend to weigh more immediately following surgery, which is due to excess fluid buildup that occurs as a result of the procedure and subsides within days. Most recovering patients are able to return to work within one week, and they may start exercising within two weeks.
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